The Firing Line is designed and built by industry professionals with experience in Law Enforcement and Military tactical training. The facility will have multiple tactical bays for pistol, rifle and shotgun use, a standard 25, 50 and 100 yard commercial shooting range, and a CHL bay.

Among the many new features and capabilities the Firing Line will bring to the Central Texas shooting community is a facility geared towards instructors and outside training professionals. The goal is to provide a premier location to host training seminars, shooting classes and sporting events.

The Firing Line is supported by local firearms vendor Guns Plus which is located just 8 minutes away from the range. Guns Plus is a class 3 firearms dealer which will be able to support the Firing Line’s customers with firearms, ammunition, accessories and even thermal scope/gun rentals.


Site Map



See Site map in “Downloads” under 2017 Annex A – Site Map




1. Bay A and B, 50 & 100 yard Ranges are available to Members & their guests at all times.



2. Tactical Bay C is available to Members & their guests for $10.00[1] / 2 hr session[2] when not otherwise reserved or in use by Instructors.


3. The LTC/CHL and Bays D & E may be used (shared) by members (for no additional fee) when not reserved or in use by an Instructor member or Guns Plus staff for training or firearms testing.


4. Range Management-approved steel targets may only be used in Bay C, D & E.


5. No firing into the non-topsoil (i.e. the caliche/limestone) areas of the berms.  Use only the black topsoil areas of the berms as backstops[3].  No climbing or digging on or around the berms.


[1] Note:  This fee is in addition to the guest fee.

[2] Note:  Members are free to continue to use tac bays after their 2 hr limit if no one is waiting to use that bay.

[3] Note:  The only exception to this rule is the back berm of the 100 yrd KD range is white sand.